Be sure to check out our new WIKI for all updated and relevant volunteer info:

Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver Wiki

Volunteers are the heart and blood (+ sweat and tears) of everything that will make Pangea Day a success. Become part of the network of support that is Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver and help us make this happen!

We are looking for volunteers of all stripes and abilities to help in the following ways:


  • Promotion and publicity: help us mount posters and distribute flyers! And don’t forget the remarkable and reliable power of plain, simple word of mouth – each individual out there who drops word of Pangea Day is a walking/talking spokesperson helping to spread the Message
  • Make the Message VIRAL: Seed the networks with e-mails and through your websites and blogs, and through Facebook, YOUTUBE, RSS Feeds, de.li.cio.us tags, and anything else you can dream up. Look at our MEDIA KIT, TOOLS & RESOURCES page for more info and material
  • Help us make the Hook-Up: with media sponsors, venues, broadcasters, and technical aid, by telling them about Pangea Day and directing them to this website or to the SPONSORS AND SUPPORT page


We need volunteers at the Public Screening sites for:

  • Site set-up
  • Site clean-up
  • Helping the public with Q&A, directions and support
  • Technical aid


Need more information? Questions? We are happy to help, and available to discuss how you and anyone you know can contribute.

Please contact us at: organizers@pangeadayvancouver.com


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  1. Who does this go to? (volunteer page)

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