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Welcome everyone, and thanks for visiting the Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver website.

The Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver are a diverse group of regular (plus some irregular) folks working to make Pangea Day a city-wide event for the people who live in this lovely city. At the time of this posting, we are 25 calendar days away from the Big Day, May 10, when films from all around the world will be shown to audiences all around the world, from here to Nunavut, Rwanda, Mumbai, Paris and New York, as well as countless locales, towns and cities both rural and urban throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America, the Middle East, and Australasia.

In short, this is shaping up to be a VERY BIG, world-spanning phenomenon.

We invite everyone to be part of what will be a first (and admittedly ambitious) ground-breaking event in history, and we have the opportunity to make it happen in our time, starting today, from our homes and offices and also our streets, favourite hang-outs, haunts, front-steps and communities.

The basis for this movement are people like you (and us), and all the energy that has poured into making Pangea Day happen which has come from goodwill, shameless volunteerism, ingenuity, and working with whatever resources we have. But there are also opportunities to foster partnerships, and link up to sponsors with vision who will share their time, resources and energy to make something good happen for the planet.

We invite you to join us in this vision.

We are working with an ever-expanding network of people who are helping, by both large and modest means, to make Pangea Day a reality. And though our resources are limited, all of us are increasingly positive that the events on May 10 will be a success and bring inspiration, hope and increased awareness to anyone who will have the opportunity and pleasure to enjoy Pangea Day. That includes a wide spectrum of people – in short, anyone who cares about life and what is happening on Planet Earth.

We need your energy, enthusiasm and support to get this show on the road. And so we’ll be posting a day-by-day progress report and itinerary to give everyone who’d like to be a part of this some idea of what lies ahead for us on the road to Pangea Day.

The PANGEA DAY screening on Saturday, May 10 is a FREE EVENT, open to all members of the public, and brought to you by Pangea Day and the Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver.

FOPD logo


The Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver need these roles to be filled very urgently:

  • Sponsor contact: working with the team to define budget and expenses, and trying to find sponsors/partners to support the event in these major ways: venues (#1 priority on our list), print promotion, site promotion, A/V equipment, media coverage, media ads (newspapers and journals)
  • Media officers, journalists, promoters: getting the Pangea Day story out there, seeding the networks, and promoting the event as it approaches

If you work for, are connected to, or know anyone involved in the following organizations, that also would help a HUGE amount (* equals Most Desired):


We are currently seeking venues to host 1) an after-screening discussion forum and 2) an after-event party. Possibilities of screening local content (film + video) following the screening are being discussed, as well as inviting speakers to talk about local issues (such as homelessness in Vancouver, the housing crisis, social issues of injustice and discrimination, and community initiatives like urban greenspaces, gardens and more). Our after-party is also in the works, with musicians and other talents lending their time and energy so we can shake our booties (after enlightening our minds). Interested participants (speakers and performers) are invited to contact us at

East Van venues
– The End Cafe
– Croatian Cultural Centre*
– Japanese Cultural Centre
– Renfrew Legion
– Maritime Labour Centre*
– The Legion on the Drive*
– Vancouver Community College
Other Suggestions Welcome

Main Street Area
– Rhizome Cafe
– Little Mountain Studios (TBD)
– Beaumont Studios (TBD)
– Main Street Legion Hall
– The Russian Church
Other Suggestions Welcome

– Roundhouse
– SFU Harbour Centre
– Vancouver Film School
– Vancouver Community College
Other Suggestions Welcome

Downtown East Side
– Gallery Gachet (hosting Pangea Day public screening)
– Centre A
Other Suggestions Welcome

Vancouver West Side / Kitsilano / UBC
– St. James Hall
– Ridge Cinema
– Park Cinema
– Hollywood Cinema
– SUB Building, UBC
Other Suggestions Welcome

Burnaby / Surrey / GVRD
– Surrey Art Gallery/Centre (TBD)
– SFU Surrey
Other Suggestions Welcome

We have been work-shopping the idea of a repeat screening for Pangea Day, which takes place between 11am – 3pm on Saturday, May 10 (Pacific Standard Time). Repeat screenings can take place in the evening, after sun-down (roughly 8 pm), which opens opportunities for impromptu outdoor screenings if any hosts are interested. This means ‘accidental’ viewers and people who couldn’t make the am show still will get to enjoy the program. Please contact us at organizers@pangeadayvancouver if you have any ideas/resources to contribute on this.


More detailed Broadcast Info (ie screen-times, delivery methods) is available in our FAQs section. We are currently trying to confirm a station which will agree to receive the global satellite signal for Pangea Day on Saturday, May 10.


Contact us for a press release for Vancouver events. We’re encourage other public event organizers to join forces with us. The aim is to spread Pangea Day awareness so that EVERYONE: you, your neighbour, your neighbour’s cat, will know about PD and what’s happening on May 10, whether they’ll be watching it live with a public audience, with friends at home or in a cafe or restaurant, or screening the streaming videos on the internet. We need stories, coverage and media space. A quick think-list includes:


The Georgia Straight
– The Big Dailies (Vancouver Sun, Province, et al)
– Common Ground
– Shared Vision
– 24 hrs
– Metro
– Asian Pacific Post
– The Epoch Times
– The Carnegie Newsletter
– WE (West Ender)
– The Courier
– Foreign language and community papers > Afro News, Contact Direct, La Vanguardia and more

TELEVISION (both network and community-cable)
– ABTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network)
– Knowledge Network
– Channel M
– The Multicultural Channel
Any Suggestions Welcome

– Coop Radio
– CFNR (Canada’s First Nations Radio)
Any Suggestions Welcome

– Fearless City [in contact]
– Only Magazine
– Vitamin V etc.
– Vancouver-based blogs, portals and newsfeeds
Any Suggestions Welcome


Sponsors: We are actively seeking sponsors to help us in many ways to get Pangea Day onto screens across Vancouver. Your sponsorship can be in the form of equipment loans, donating media space, or in helping us cover the costs of renting venues (or in discounting or offering a venue). Please visit our Sponsors Page for more info, or contact us at

Donations: We are very close to securing one of the venues but will need funds to help cover the costs of rental as well as operation. More information will be posted soon (re: budgets and so on) but the guesstimate starts at around $500. You will receive receipts for your generous contribution; both small and large amounts are welcome. Please contact us at


Spread word to your local organizations: libraries, community centres, public message boards, advocacy groups and centres, youth centres; wherever you feel an event like Pangea Day might matter:

– Public Libraries
– Community Centres
– Community groups (including channels like
– Universities, high-schools, colleges and campuses
– Community-oriented venues, concert halls, cafes
– Public advocacy organizations and space
– Online forums, discussion groups and message boards

There’s much, much more to come, and progress has been especially good in the last week.

The following are some additional ways in which you can get involved:


The Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver have also set up a WIKI to field organizational + volunteer activities, schedules, plans, contacts and strategies as they happen.

The FOPD Vancouver WIKI is an online, user-contributed resource for workshopping, brainstorming, and all other things related to making Pangea Day in Vancouver happen. If you are interested in volunteering/organizing or hosting, be sure to visit, read, join and contribute all your brilliant ideas here. Please visit and/or join us at:

Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver Wiki


We have a growing Facebook group. Join us there and help us spread the word!


Any questions, offers, and other inquiries can be addressed to us directly at:

We hope to see all of you soon. May 10 – mark it on your calendar!

– A message from the Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver

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