The Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver is actively seeking organizers and potential hosts to join our team and network. If you are looking to get involved, we need people to help us:

  • Organize new or existing venues for Public Screenings
  • Support FOPD Vancouver by contacting media partners and sponsors
  • Work in Public Relations
  • Help us to secure Permits for outdoor events
  • Work with and enlist support from the City or Cities around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland
  • Use your networks in ways that can push Pangea Day forward
  • Contribute useful ideas, strategies and information

We invite you to contact us and bring whatever valuable talents, skills and partners you have to the table.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

We also have set up a WIKI to field organizational + volunteer activities, schedules, plans, contacts and strategies as they happen. Please visit and/or join us at:

Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver Wiki

If you are interested in hosting an event, you can contact the central Pangea Day organizers directly at their website as well as get in touch with the organizers of Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver.

Sign up to host an event at Pangea Day’s website:

FOPD logo square

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