The good people at Pangea Day have added a great page for resources and downloads on their website. Go to the following link to download and embed badges, banners, flash animations, video trailers and even a clock counting down the days, minutes and seconds to the Pangea Day event:

Pangea Day – Resources + Downloads


The Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver organizers have set up a wiki resource for workshopping, brainstorming, and all other things related to making Pangea Day in Vancouver happen. If you are interested in volunteering/organizing or hosting, be sure to visit, read, join and contribute all your brilliant ideas to:

Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver Wiki


Pangea Day has press and tool kits which answer a number of FAQs and provide guidelines and recommendations for organizing an event. These are available at Pangea Day’s website:

Pangea Day – Tools, Presskits & Media for Friends of Pangea Day

We are posting some files here for your convenience:

• FOPD Toolkit (pdf)

• FOPD Powerpoint Presentation (ppt)

FOPD logo

FOPD logo

• FOPD Logo Styleguide (pdf)


We have also posted the original videos on our own site. Feel free to forward, embed on your own website or blog, or attach to newsfeeds to help spread the word! Or you can access videos on Pangea Day’s YOUTUBE site:

Pangea Day on YOUTUBE

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