Someone’s Eyes

On May 10, 2008, people all over the world will come together to share a common experience: watching films made by the world for the world. Pangea likes to call it the first global campfire.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim created Pangea Day after winning the prestigious TED Prize, which grants winners “one wish to change the world.” Jehane’s wish: “To bring the world together through the power of film. The first step toward world peace is to meet the other.”



Pangea Day logo

Pangea Day is encouraging cities to create their own public and private screenings. Check our frontpage for more details.

Visit the official Pangea Day website for a full, up-to-date list and map of events and locations around the world:

List of Pangea Day events around the Globe

Other venues in and around Vancouver are encouraged to create screenings too, both public and private. You can sign up to host an event on the Pangea Day website, or contact us here. Let’s make this a large local phenomenon! Please let us know about yours. We can all help each other with resources, contacts, ideas and strategies, and we’ll help you promote on this website as well as through our growing network.

Contact us at:



Or, join our Facebook group and help us spread the word!

Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver Facebook Group


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