ON MAY 10, 2008, a 4-hour global live-streaming film program will be broadcast to audiences (from Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, and Nunavut to here) all around the planet, composed of diverse films made by individuals and groups with messages to spread that reach far across and beyond national, ethnic and geographical borders.

Global Screen

This world-reaching event is the result of a dream expressed by one woman and film-maker, Jehane Noujaim, the director of and Control Room, whose experiences of global conflict as well as the remarkable healing power of communicating through film inspired her attempt to realise one wish: a movement to promote World Peace through the medium of moving pictures.

This wish became Pangea Day, a global movement to organize screenings embracing the earth where audiences and film-makers will have the opportunity to connect – at the exact same time – to the hopes, dreams, struggles and experiences that make up life on our planet.

Pangea Day logo

The Friends of Pangea Day are people who are helping in any way to make that dream come true. We have joined the unofficial Pangea Day network and community – with links to the head organization – to start seeding Vancouver City and the Lower Mainland with the wish of making Pangea Day a city-wide experience and event.

The Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver are groups of organizers/volunteers functioning independently but with the endorsement (and some practical help) of the official Pangea Day organizers. We are not official representatives/organizers, but individuals and groups of diverse-interest people who passionately support what Pangea Day is all about.

What this means is that this is all going to come about through the formation of ad-hoc networks, and there is no profit or payment for any of the organizers concerned. If possible, and in view of the message at the heart of Pangea Day, we’d love to have this event/events happen solely on the basis of volunteer-ism, media support, equipment loans & donations, and the formation of partnerships with broadcasters, venues, artists, musicians, film-makers, audio-visual equipment providers, techies. A complete list of needed & possible resources/venues/helpers and more will be posted soon on our ‘Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver’ website.

If you’d like to get involved – in any capacity – or help sponsor an event/lend services/aid/expertise, please contact us. More info will be posted and updated as we progress. At the date of this posting, we have about six weeks to get this all together!

– A message from the Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver



  1. I’m moving to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island on May 1st, and I’d love to be able to attend the events, but I’m not sure yet if I can.
    I’m in London at the moment, and there doesn’t seem to be any organising or public site for Pangea Day here. No information at all. Yet you in Vancouver have the most complete and active presence on the web, even though you’re not one of the main cities supposed to be hosting. Congratulations – but I’m interested as to why that is – who’s responsible for all this great organisation?

  2. Hi Rupert,

    There should be a screening in Victoria…I think it’s public. Check the official Pangea Day events page for listings:

    In answer to your second query, the Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver is a modest (but quickly growing) group of assorted individuals working to try and make this awesome event happen (in very short time) in as many places in the GVRD and Lower Mainland as (humanly) possible…so, we’re an ad-hoc network of regular and irregular folks, most with day-jobs and so on, doing this in our spare time.

    There’s more bio-skinny on the ‘PANGEA PEOPLE’ page:

    Thanks for the compliments, and I hope you get to enjoy the show (just 32 days away!)…

    Kajin Goh,
    Co-organizer / Web-master,
    Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver

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